Etomite Prelude v1.1 Installation - Upgrade

Reminder and Installation Selection

If you have not already done so, please take the time to read the README file. There is also a text version located in the root directory where this package was installed. Doing so could eliminate the possibility of encountering un-needed problems that may occur during your new (or upgrade) installation. If you have any questions about which of the options listed below best suits your needs, please visit the Etomite Forums now. It is much easier to help you before you get into trouble.

NOTE: If you will be performing a New installation you must first rename or copy manager/includes/config.php to manager/includes/ and change permissions to writable before proceeding.

Please choose your installation type:

New installation (Full) - Includes an assortment of sample resources to demonstrate how Etomite can be implemented.

New installation (Lite) - Includes only a limited number of resources that experienced developers have come to depend on.

New installation (Bare) - Includes no resources at all - you're on your own. Only required records to allow Etomite Manager login are installed. Only extremely experienced developers should consider selecting this option as several critical configuration options that other install options automatically calculate will require manual entry.

Upgrade an existing installation - Choose this installation option if you already have an earlier release of Etomite installed. Some manual steps may be required depending on which previous release you are upgrading from.