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Releases Not Supported

Support for Etomite releases prior to 0.6.1 (0.6 Heliades and earlier) has been dropped. Please see the file, pre_061_notes.php, or the Etomite forums for information regarding older releases.

Performing System Checks

Checking if manager/includes/ file exists: OK!
Checking if manager/includes/ is writable: OK!
Checking if manager/includes/ is valid: OK!
Checking if manager/includes/ file upgraded: OK!

Upgrade Instructions for Etomite 0.6.1 and newer

The fact that you are reading these instructions indicates that you have already copied the new files for this release onto your server.

If you have not already done so, please take the time to read the README file. There is also a text version located in the root directory where this package was installed. Doing so could eliminate the possibility of encountering un-needed problems during your Etomite upgrade.

All existing installations being upgraded which had a release number prior to Etomite Prelude v1.0 will require various database updates. Once you have successfully completed the configuration file modifications listed below it is mandatory that you run the script, v1_db_patches.php, before attempting to access your sites main page or entering your Etomite Manager. You can execute this script now by clicking on the script name above and, upon successful completion, you can return to this script - or you may opt to run the script independently. Attempting to run this script on a previously updated database will not result in any problems - you will simply receive messages stating an OK completion status for each item.

Once the above steps have been completed login to your Etomite manager, verify and save your Etomite Configuration, and perform a Clear site cache from the Etomite Main Menu. After these steps have been completed you should have a fully function Etomite Prelude v1.1 installation.

Once you have completed the required tasks in the Etomite manager you can Click Here to see your upgraded site in action.

Good luck!

The Etomite CMS Project Development Team

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